Fitting Instructions

Front seats:

Remove the headrests.
Slide the back cover over the back portion of the driver’s seat.  Tuck the front cover through/under the seat, pull tight and fasten at the back on the Velcro/buckle.  Ensure that the seams and headrest holes line up with that of the seat. MAKE SURE THAT THE DRIVERS COVER GOES ON THE DRIVERS SEAT AND PASSENGER COVER ON PASSENGER SEAT. (COVERS ARE MARKED ON THE INSIDE)

Put the base on the base of the driver’s seat (DRIVERS BASE WILL BE MARKED UNDER SEAT COVER, ASWELL AS PASSENGER BASE).  Line the front seam up with that of the seat.  Tuck the back part of the base through/under the back of the seat.  Fasten the central straps by passing the webbing under the seat, and securing them to the matching ladder locks now at the back of the seat.  Fasten the inside strap (closest to passenger/driver’s seat) (this is the strap that runs around the front of the seat and fastens on both sides) to the ladder lock on the outside of the base.  Make sure this goes underneath the seat, so as to get maximum purchase.  Pull the outside strap (the one closest to the door) tight and fasten to the back as with the inside strap.  By pulling this strap tight, it tightens up the inside strap and buckle.

Slide the headrests (where applicable) over the headrest, lining up with the seams of the car headrest.

Second Row:

Remove the headrests.

Fit the back cover over the back of the seat, as done with the front covers, lining up on the seam and watching out for any allowance that may be made for safety belts.

Fit the base, as with the front seats, lining up with the seams, securing the centre straps first and then fastening the side straps.  As with the back, be aware of any allowances made for safety belts.

Slide the headrest covers over the headrests, matching up with the headrest seams.

In some cases the second row is split into a 60/40 configuration, but the same procedure will follow.



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